Feeling Underappreciated

Q. The doctor doesn’t recognize or appreciate me. How can I let her know everything I do?

“You need to show the doctor results,” says Pamela Stevenson, CVPM, a practice management consultant who owns Veterinary Results Management Inc. in Durham, N.C. “For example, perhaps you reorganized the pharmacy to make it easier to locate inventory. Show the doctor how your work helped cut costs and reduced the number of problem prescriptions.”

Keep in mind, though we all like a pat on the back, it’s better not to rely too much on a boss for a sense of approval and a job well-done. “Work on getting the approval you need from yourself and your co-workers,” Stevenson says.

Finally, remember that complimenting doctors and other team members may encourage others to follow your example. Just remember a compliment sounds more sincere if you’re specific and say how the person’s actions affected you. “Giving compliments is a habit,” Stevenson says. “And when you give out more praise, the goodwill spreads.”

Originally published October 1, 2005 by First Line, view on DVM 360